We want to provide our clients and their businesses with better business through services that provide more visitors, leads and businesses easier to apply and adapted to their needs. This means being closer to the clients, understanding their lifestyles and their business, building long-term relationships.

2B-On | SOCIAL BUSINESS CONSULTING offers competitive marketing, sales and management consulting services and recognizes the importance of implementing and adapting good practices, aiming a continuous improvement of our service, in order to maximize the client satisfaction. We are focused on our clients, working to meet their current needs and innovating to support them in the future.


2B-On‘s mission is to put our clients’ brand goals into practice through creativity and innovation, executing them professionally and with full respect for the agreed budget in all viable channels / media, but particular in Digital media, which means:

  • Transforming our clients’ vision into results and achieve trust relationships
  • Invest in the continuous improvement of the services provided
  • Provide our teams an inspirational and personal enrichment/development environment
  • Be the reference in the strategic marketing consulting and digital marketing in the markets which we operate
  • Act/ Intervene responsibly and in a positive way in society and with the families of the community


Our corporate identity is aligned with the type of consultant that we are today and what we intend to become.

We seek to establish a commitment that provides the ideal conditions to help our clients thrive in an ever-changing market.

For this, we choose the values of the brand A 2B-On | SOCIAL BUSINESS CONSULTING as follows:


  • QUALITY – Which is a lifestyle for us
  • INSPIRATION – We create new possibilities and we believe in what we’re doing
  • USEFUL – We work with a unique team
  • PEOPLE – We’re commited to create a great work environment that allows a pleasant work
  • ETHICS – We’re commited doing what it’s right, without exceptions
  • INTEGRITY – We do what we promess
  • SIMPLICITY – We become our services clear and operational
  • SOCIETY – We’re commited in contributing positively for the society and for a sustainable future

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